Valerie Vernout
Data Wise Consultancy

Valérie Vernout is a dynamic professional with a passion for driving organizational transformations. Her main topics of interest and reasons why people would book a session with her include: 

Data-Driven Strategies: Valérie specializes in helping businesses leverage data-driven strategies to excel and gain a competitive edge in today's dynamic landscape. Her expertise in harnessing data insights to make informed decisions is invaluable for organizations seeking growth and efficiency. 

Process Optimization: With a background in data analysis and process optimization, Valérie can guide businesses in streamlining their internal processes. This results in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer-centricity. 

Change Management: Valérie is skilled in change management and believes in engaging employees at all levels to foster a culture of continuous improvement. People looking to initiate organizational change and ensure employees take ownership of the process would benefit from her insights. 

Sales Training and Content Development: She is adept at developing and delivering sales training sessions, creating sales playbooks, templates, whitepapers, and podcasts. Businesses aiming to enhance their sales strategies and content would benefit from her guidance. Valérie's international work exposure brings a global perspective to her insights. She can help businesses navigate the challenges and opportunities of a global market. 

Community Involvement: Her active participation in non-profit communities like CompTIA Benelux Community and MIEC Data Learning Community showcases her commitment to staying connected and informed within her field. This involvement can provide valuable networking opportunities for others in these communities.

In summary, Valérie Vernout's expertise in data-driven strategies, process optimization, change management, and her ability to connect with diverse audiences as a speaker and presenter make her a professional for businesses looking to elevate their performance and navigate the evolving landscape of today's business world. Her positive attitude and commitment to continuous personal development also make her an engaging and valuable resource. People looking for inspiration and guidance on maintaining a positive outlook, even in challenging situations, would find her perspective valuable. 

How I can help: 

  • Data-driven strategies 
  • Process optimization 
  • Change management 

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