Mark Freer
CEO & Executive Coach
Heads Up and Freer Limited

Unleashing Potential, Igniting Excellence


Mark Freer is a dynamic force in the realm of leadership development, executive coaching, and effective communication strategies. With an impressive career spanning over 30 years in the Telco & Tech industry, Mark's expertise is finely honed, combining his extensive corporate background with a passionate commitment to nurturing young talent.


As an independent Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, and Communications Expert, Mark specializes in elevating leadership capabilities, enhancing communication skills, and fostering team engagement. His work is not just about theoretical concepts; it's about driving tangible improvements in team performance, well-being, and motivation.


Mark's influence extends beyond the boardroom. He's a sought-after consultant and mentor in secondary schools and universities, where he guides students in the vital aspects of career development, leadership, and communication skills. His dedication to shaping the next generation's success is further evident in his role as a voluntary head sports coach at a local rugby club, where he imparts valuable lessons to 15-year-old players.


Mark's illustrious career includes pivotal leadership positions at renowned companies such as BT, 3, Hutchison Whampoa, O2, and Telefonica. Throughout his tenure, he led and orchestrated successful endeavours in marketing, sales, product development, strategy, partnerships, culture, and training. His expertise has fuelled transformative global initiatives that have left an indelible mark on the industry.


Mark's commitment to excellence is demonstrated through his array of professional qualifications:


  • iPEC Certified Professional Coach (CPC): Equipped with this certification, Mark empowers clients to elevate their self-awareness, unlocking their true potential and fostering remarkable personal growth.
  • Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP): Mark employs this accreditation to provide clients with scientifically validated insights into how their "Energetic Profile" and "Stress Reaction" influence their performance.
  • Energy Leadership Dynamics™ Specialist (CLDP): With this expertise, Mark crafts customized leadership approaches that optimize impact and effectiveness.
  • Emergenetics™ Associate Practitioner: Mark utilizes this certification to offer clients valuable assessments of their thinking and behavioral preferences, enabling enhanced team engagement and communication.
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM): This esteemed recognition underscores Mark's ability to enhance clients' communication skills, personal impact, and brand identity.


Mark Freer's journey is one of continuous dedication to fostering leadership excellence and nurturing emerging talent. His multifaceted experience, combined with a fervent commitment to growth, positions him as an unparalleled asset in the pursuit of unleashing the power of young talent and propelling organizations towards enduring success.

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