Adrianne Carter
Adrianne Carter Body Language Expert
The Face Whisperer

I’m Adrianne, also known as The Face Whisperer, I’m a body language expert. I can tell you how people are feeling and help you improve all of your communications. I’m not a mind reader, not a clairvoyant either, but I do know exactly what different emotions look like on the face and body language meanings. I’m a straight up trained Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Body Language Expert, Consumer psychology guest lecturer and Natural Success Psychology Coach too. And – most usefully – I’m a fully qualified Facial Action Coding System coder as well. What those fancy words mean is that I can objectively interpret body language and emotions from facial expressions, based on years of research and millions of photographs and footage of people. I’ve worked with clients across the world – from Australia to Russia and Japan to the USA – with the likes of Apple, Coca-Cola, Unilever, and The National Trust. Thanks to my two decades’ experience with a world-leading market research company, academic qualifications in body language and psychology, and scores of occasions guest lecturing in consumer psychology and behavioural economics at several UK universities, you’re in safe hands. I’ve spent the best part of 25 years developing the knowledge that lets me help brands and businesses successfully time and time again.

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