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Company Overview

Endida gives organisations the absolute clarity they need when it comes to cybersecurity. We break down the jargon and enable you to get an in-depth and accurate picture of your weaknesses, attack vectors and how exposed your company or organisation is to malware, hacking or insider threats.

Leading with our AI, Autonomous Pen Testing, we can test companies from just 2 users right up to 100k+ users, all at a price that makes it easy for anyone. We include 8 tests a year so you can constantly ensure your cyber resilience is fully up to date with emerging threats.

Endida’s Pen Testing is guaranteed to be more thorough and deliver superior fix & executive reports than any manual Pen Test can. We are backed with decades of experience in cybersecurity and have solutions and consulting services that ensures your organisation is fully protected.

Who is Endida’s Pen Test for?
– Companies of any size that want an accurate & thorough cybersecurity assessment without an exorbitant price tag
– MSP’s – Sell Pen Testing and other cybersecurity services your customers (with great margin)
– Insurers – Accurately assess risks profiles for cyber insurance
– ISO & Certification Assessors – In-depth tests of a company’s resilience

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Mr Ian Schenkel

Founder & COO at Endida Ltd


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CEO at Endida Ltd


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