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Tech Talent

Disrupting Learning through Data and AI

13:15 –14:00 3 Oct, 2023 (Europe - London)

Westminster Ballroom 3 (Level -3)


In this groundbreaking session, we invite you to explore how the University Academy 92 (UA92) is disrupting traditional learning paradigms through the innovative use of Metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI).


Aaron and Wayne will share their journey in integrating the Metaverse and AI into their educational model that includes supporting young scholars at professional football club in Manchester. They will discuss the challenges faced, the successes achieved, and the lessons learned along the way. They will also provide a glimpse into the future, discussing how they envision Metaverse and AI continuing to shape the educational landscape.

Join us for this enlightening session and discover how UA92 is pioneering a new era of education through the Metaverse and AI.