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Unveiling the Future - Unleashing the Power of Young Talent

11:45 –12:15 3 Oct, 2023 (Europe - London)

Westminster Ballroom 1 & 2 (Level -3)

Are you prepared for the future of your workforce? In a world where Gen Z and Gen Alpha are poised to take the reins of your industry, understanding how to attract, engage, and retain their remarkable talent is not just an option – it's a necessity.
Join us for a transformative presentation that delves into the very heart of the matter: Engaging and Attracting Young Talent. Mark Freer, a distinguished leadership coach and consultant, will guide you through the dynamic landscape of what makes these generations tick.
• Discover the secret motivations that drive them.
• Unlock the keys to genuine engagement that transcends traditional methods.
• Unearth the compelling reasons why they should choose your organization as their professional home.
This is your opportunity to gain an invaluable edge in an area that countless industries are grappling with. As the trailblazers of tomorrow, young talents are not just seeking jobs – they're seeking purpose, growth, and a workplace that resonates with their values.
Mark Freer brings to the table a treasure trove of powerful insights that can redefine how you approach, inspire, and empower the future leaders of your company. Don't miss out on this critical discourse that has the potential to reshape the trajectory of your organization's success.
Join us to learn, engage, and revolutionize your approach to young talent. The future starts here.