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Cybersecurity Trustmark Workshop: Risk Management Course

8:00 –12:00 2 Oct, 2023 (Europe - London)

Westminster Ballroom 4 (Level -3)


Registration limited for each session and only open to CompTIA members. Once we have reached capacity, a waitlist will be started, and you will be alerted if we are able to accommodate. Separate registration is required. If you register and are not able to participate, please email¬†[email protected] to let us know so we may allow others to attend. Register here:¬†https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/b7e9cbdbbf3647c1aeda768134e1c566.

This course is an immersive dive into the world of business risk for MSPs. This is a five-part course, however, only the first four will be taught during the workshop at ChannelCon.

You will learn:
Part 1 - Understand Business Risk
Part 2 - Operationalize Your Risk
Part 3 - Help Your Clients Understand Their Risk
Part 4 - Create a Strategy for Risk
Part 5 - Create Opportunity for Risk (Not covered at EMEACon)

Learn more about the CompTIA Cybersecurity Trustmark.