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Tech Talent

AI in the Classroom: Teachers’ Friend or Foe?

15:15 –15:45 2 Oct, 2023 (Europe - London)

Westminster Ballroom 3 (Level -3)


With all the talk of AI and how students are using it to complete assignments, it is time to take a closer look at what role generative AI means for educators, going beyond just talking about Bard and ChatGPT. We will discuss various tools and how they can be used by educators and students to create presentations, formative assessments, conduct research, analyse data, and a way to teach about useful human to machine interaction. AI tools are requiring educators to create more compelling assignments, and, more importantly, compelling us all to ask better questions of our AI co-workers. From now on, it will be vital for us to delve into and carefully evaluate the interaction that we have with each other. Let's talk about what it means to engage in sophisticated dialog and inclusion with our AI/ML friends. We'll also share how educators are implementing meaningful AI / ML in their programs, and how classroom policies and procedures may have to morph as AI/ML practices evolve.