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Tech Talent

Unique Skillsets for Unique Times: Meeting the Needs of Today's Hiring Managers

13:00 –13:45 2 Oct, 2023 (Europe - London)

Westminster Ballroom 3 (Level -3)


Join our Chief Technology Evangelist, Dr. James Stanger, as he discusses the unique skills that today's hiring managers demand as they put exponential and disruptive technologies to work. In his presentation, James will provide a snapshot of the perspective of today's IT hiring managers - the very people who demand the skilled workers we train and certify. Organizations in all industry sectors are embracing technology more firmly than ever before to achieve business goals, serve customers, and stay on mission. Yet many organizations are inhibited by long-standing, problematic IT practices. As James shares research about how the most progressive organizations are moving to address those practices, he'll also discuss insights from IT leaders around the world about how they use CompTIA pathways to implement critical AI, data analytics, and cybersecurity solutions. If you've ever wondered how CompTIA's learning solutions help tech leaders move forward with confidence in today's fast-moving, asymmetric IT environments, then join James in a lively session.